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About Us

Meadows by Moonlight is a classic World of Darkness game set in the location of Las Vegas, Nevada in present day. Please be immediately aware that we do not follow official White Wolf cannon in regards to NPCs and events in the Sin City and the official Las Vegas by Night chronicle. Meadows by Moonlight is its own chronicle in a parallel World of Darkness.

This website is our resource database and information hub for our chronicle. You must first have your application to this website approved before you can submit a character sheet. Please allow 24 hours to pass before pestering STs about your application. Because we understand how annoying and frustrating it can be to wait and wonder if this chronicle is even active, you can join us immediately in our Discord channel here: Meadows by Moonlight Discord. You can reach out to STs and other players in both text and voice chat. Voice chat is strictly OOC. While the website may add supplemental roleplay in the form of character journals and stories, the bulk of our RP is done in the Discord text channels and PMs. (RP in PMs is not eligible for XP.) In other words, this is a chat based RP, so if you don't like a lot of reading and writing, then this is not going to be your kind of game.

We aim to create a community that respects quality roleplay as a combination of creative writing and theatre. We are actors who portray characters on a virtual stage constructed out of written words. We want to encourage deeply complicated characters instead of two dimensional stereotypes. We hope you will understand that characters need personal ambitions to drive their stories and weaknesses to challenge them on their journeys. We hope you will embrace the wisdom that conflict is required in order to achieve a good story, and the more complicated the conflict, the more epic the story. We hope you will remember that this is a Gothic Horror genre game and seek to embrace the darkness and depravity.

Due to the darkness and depravity (and mature content) we expect to have in our storylines, we require a mature and legal player base. You must be 18 or older to play with us. Additionally, basic understanding of chat roleplay is required.

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